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Kantha Hand Stitched Bags

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These hand stitched cotton reversible bags are made from vintage Kantha fabric – recycled saris that are joined together by a running stitch known as kantha.
Every bag is unique. They are hand-stitched, come in different patterns and colors. The beauty of the object is in its singularity and intrinsic irregularities. #kanthastitching #kanthabag #handmade #indiantextiles #atthecaravan


Hand Carved Bali Masks


Bali, Land of the Gods! Top left, Disco Ganesha (the Hindu Superhero, remover of Obstacles),
Garuda (top right) was Lord Vishnu’s mount and was so big that when he flew he blocked the sun!
The Raven totem, also created in Bali (for outsourcing Inuits)- Native holy men understood that what the physical eye sees, is not always the truth, and called upon the raven for clarity.
Barong with his bulging eyes and sharp canines is a lion-like mythological creature, king of the spirits and champion of good.

#garuda #ganesha #barong #bali #atthecaravan


Missionaries named him Victor, he added a “y”

Victory is a carver, a family man and he has a great sense of humor. He created two crocodile benches for us. He comes from the island of Sumba, but he and his family live on Bali now. #artisanwoodwork #carvedcrocodile #balidesign #atthecaravan

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