Recycled Hardwood Boat Furniture



Balinese Boat Furniture is created entirely from upcycled boat wood sourced from irreparable traditional wooden fishing boats from the Indonesian Islands. A creative combination of high grade teak, mahogany, iron wood, and more, our boat wood furniture collection is                                                                                               functional and compliments                                                                                   your home with its aesthetic                                                                                   presence. #balifurniture #boatfurniture #repurposedboast #balilife #atthecaravan


Suzani Style: Balance and Harmony


How to make a house a palace in one simple word: Suzani

At the Caravan we have a curated selection of vintage and contemporary suzani reading
and highback chairs. We also stock a wide selection of foot stools poufs, and cushions.
Upholstered in traditional geometric embroidered designs, these iconic pieces lend an
elegant yet eclectic feel to your home. #suzani  #handmade  #upholsteredchairs